Cause 4 Paws Feline Rescue seeks a loving forever home for an exotic Oriental Shorthair (registered breed) kitten rescued from a pet store in Montreal that is mercifully closing. Since the owners were breeding kittens and puppies in this facility, it was effectively a kitten and puppy mill operating in the centre of the city. We rescued six cats: Sushi, pictured below, her mom, an Oriental Blue named Saki, and four other kittens. None were in good health-all require meds and TLC. Sushi has never set paw outside of a cage. It is very likely that neither has her mom Saki, who was used exclusively for breeding purposes. The same is doubtless true of the other four rescues, who are not well enough to be displayed in our adoption day tomorrow (to be held at JE Mondou, 11387 Gouin W., Roxboro, from noon 4 pm, see CL postings from Tues Sept 1).

Cause 4 Paws is proud to have participated in this rescue, but deplores the existence of kitten and puppy mills that breed, for the sole purpose of making money, living, sentient beings into a situation in which an overpopulation of companion animals already exists. Above all, we deplore the fact that all this is perfectly legal. Please join our battle to put an end to the existence of kitten and puppy mills. Adopt from rescue group. Whatever you do, do not buy animals from pet stores. Kitten and puppy mills are usually the source of pet store animals. Only when the market for these poor creatures dries up will these mills go out of existence.

In addition, Cause 4 Paws foster homes have repeatedly been harassed by Public Security for allegedly harbouring more than the legal limit of 3 cats. It seems animal abuse and exploitation is legal in Quebec, but animal rescue by volunteers is not. Please help us to help them by offering your home as refuge to our rescued cats. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You can also help us by donating money to offset the enormous vet bills, which we pay out of pocket, that we accumulate during the course of our rescue work. Cause 4 Paws believes that the world would be a better place if there was animal welfare legislation in Quebec, and if the authorities put 1% of the energy into capturing and prosecuting animal torturers that they do into prosecuting animal rescuers, who use our own time and money to save, sterilize, and find homes for homeless animals. Sushi and Saki require good food, love, and above all a home to run around in and call their own. Sushi is delicate, as this breed is, but is underweight as well, and needs special nutrition and TLC to thrive. Despite all she has been through, she is very sweet and affectionate. Please help them and our other rescued cats by adopting and offering a home to a cat or kitten in need. For further info, please call 514-684-4810, write catwhisperer@sympatico.ca

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